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A city of opportunity which means business.

Newcastle upon Tyne is known for its impressive work ethic, and has strengths in tech and digital, medical science and sustainability, offshore and marine, and business and professional services.

Newcastle is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK, with a whopping £1.5 billion of planned investment for the city and 100,000 new jobs projected in the regional economy by 2024. The city is at the heart of England’s fastest growing tech cluster, and as a dedicated UK Science city with two world-leading universities at its core and four centres of national excellence, Newcastle is always looking towards the future.

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Networks to support your career and fantastic work-life balance.

Working in Newcastle is a lot more than just a job, it’s a community. The compact nature as a city has created a unique close-knit business hub, with big names in business, networking and collaborating with small start-ups. Newcastle is a city with a vision, and the networks to support you in your career.

Striking the right work/life balance can be a dealbreaker when considering a career move or new job opportunity. Fantastic quality of life and affordable cost of living are some of the many reasons why Newcastle is one of the happiest places in the UK. You’ll discover space to unwind with tranquil countryside and dazzling coastline, the facilities to innovate such as Newcastle Helix and Centre for Life and the love to create with our vibrant art scene in the Ouseburn Valley.

Check out our jobs in Newcastle page for more information about top employers and career opportunities in the city, visit our commuting to Newcastle page to discover how accessible the city is and delve deeper into the faces behind our businesses in our case studies section.

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