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    Newcastle Suburbs


    • Bus journey to city centre: 8 mins
    • Metro journey to city centre: 3–6 mins

    A popular, leafy suburb of Newcastle, Jesmond is situated less than 1.5 miles from the city centre. Served by two Metro stations, it is well connected by public transport, with the city centre a mere 3-minute Metro journey and 8 minutes by bus. You can also walk into town in around 15 minutes as well as cycle, thanks to city centre cycle lanes.


    • Bus journey to city centre: 10-15 mins
    • Metro journey to city centre: 6-9 min

    Gosforth is only 2.5 miles from Newcastle and with Metro and bus links as well as a main transport exchange, it is the ideal commuter suburb for those wanting to remain close to the city centre. Its buzzing high street, lined with bars, shops and cafes, lends itself to being a hot spot for both business and leisure.


    • Bus journey to city centre: 10 mins
    • Metro journey to city centre: 6 mins

    Heaton is ideally placed as a commuter destination for Newcastle upon Tyne, situated 1.6 miles from the city centre, it is served by the main bus routes and has its own Metro station, with Metros running approximately every 6-10 minutes. This chic neighbourhood is well-known for its bohemian feel and charismatic terraced streets.


    Living by the sea is a big plus point of life in and around Newcastle upon Tyne. If you live near the city centre, it’s easy to visit the coast but many choose to reside by the seaside benefit from a commute to the city centre which takes less than 40 minutes.

    North Shields

    • Metro: 19 mins
    • Bus: 20-30 mins

    North Shields is a popular coastal town, close to the stunning golden sands of Longsands and Whitley Bay Beach, as well as the lively North Shields fish quay, home to some coolest new bars and restaurants in the North East. Travel to the city centre with ease on either the bus or Metro and arrive at your destination in 30 minutes or less.


    • Metro: 23-32 mins
    • Bus: 30-35 mins

    Often described as the pinnacle of coastal living, Tynemouth is a quaint village on the North East coastline, only 8.8 miles from Newcastle upon Tyne.

    Whitley Bay

    • Metro: 25-28 mins
    • Bus: 30 –35 mins

    Whitley Bay boasts traditional seaside town fun with arcades, mini golf and fresh sea food, and teamed with its coastal views and beautiful sea front properties, you can live and play in Whitley Bay! Commuting from Whitley Bay to Newcastle is stress-free with regular bus services and a Metro station within walking distance from the town centre; you can be in Newcastle in as quick as 25 minutes.


    It’s no secret that the North East of England is a beautiful place to live; you can live in the depths of breath-taking countryside but still travel to Newcastle city centre within an hour. If you are commuting from one of the North East’s idyllic countryside towns, travelling by train is a pleasant and efficient choice of transport.

    Accessible by main train links from Newcastle central station.


    • Train journey to city centre: 32 –43 mins

    Hexham is a small and picturesque market town, with a gorgeous Abbey, charismatic properties and central train station, it is a perfect commuter town for those wanting to lead the country life.


    • Train journey to city centre: 15-23 mins

    Morpeth is the epitome of country living with rich heritage, bustling farmers markets and trendy wine bars, making it a sought-after destination to live and commute from. Situated only 16 miles from Newcastle, a train journey from Morpeth will only take between 15 and 23 minutes.

    Further afield

    Newcastle is conveniently linked by major road networks such as the A1, A19 and A69, making commuting by car from further afield, a hassle-free task. Whether you’re travelling from Alnwick, Berwick or Carlisle, Newcastle is an easily accessible destination.


    Travel time

    Distance (miles)

    Distance (km)


    4 hrs 45 mins

    252 miles

    406 km


    3 hrs 35 mins

    206 miles

    332 km


    5 hrs 10 mins

    315 miles

    508 km


    1 hr 17 mins

    59 miles

    95 km


    2 hrs 27 mins

    120 miles

    194 km


    2 hrs 41 mins

    151 miles

    243 km


    2 hrs 29 mins

    143 miles

    230 km


    1 hr 54 mins

    98 miles

    157 km


    3 hrs 14 mins

    174 miles

    280 km


    5 hrs 9 mins

    282 miles

    454 km


    2 hrs 47 mins

    145 miles

    233 km


    5 hrs 39 mins

    327 miles

    527 km


    1 hr 47 mins

    85 miles

    137 km

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