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Newcastle is one of the most iconic British cities.

Bejewelled with beautiful bridges, alive with buzzing nightlife, teeming with award-winning culture, world-leading in life sciences and tech, Newcastle is united by the famous Geordie spirit.

Whether you’re thinking about relocating and becoming an adopted Geordie, wanting to take a look at job opportunities in North East England, or just want to be nebby and find out more about why Newcastle upon Tyne is one of the happiest cities in the country, look no further. In our own words, life is alreet in the Toon!

Our home is something we’re rightly proud of, and if you want to know what life in the Toon is really like, then who better to hear it from than us? We’ve got a lot to shout about, but to make sure we’re all on the same page, you might want to check out our Geordie dictionary first. If you already know your ‘howay’s from your ‘wey aye’s, that’s champion!

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A few facts you need to know about life in Newcastle.

  • Geordies really are friendly, we have consistently been voted one of the friendliest cities in the UK
  • We are one of the safest cities in the UK
  • We have some of the cleanest air in England
  • We have one of the lowest living cost rates in the UK
  • Newcastle International Airport has direct routes to 85 destinations
  • Over 35 trains travel daily to London, with a travel time as little as 2hr 36mins
  • Internationally recognised healthcare facilities, and the highest percentage of Hospital Trusts scoring above average for cleanliness; food; and condition, appearance and maintenance of any English region
  • We invented the best bread known to man, the Stottie

If your interest hasn’t already been piqued about living in Newcastle, hear about life in the North East from people who have experienced it themselves. Our case study section is full of blogs from people around the world who have chosen Newcastle upon Tyne as their home.


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