Here in Newcastle upon Tyne, we pride ourselves on having a good quality of life.

We may have mentioned that we are one of the happiest cities in the UK, and the cost of living in Newcastle might have something to do with that!

Living in Newcastle upon Tyne can make your hard-earned money go further. With more affordable housing, utilities, childcare, and transport costs compared to other major UK cities, you will have more disposable income available to enjoy the city’s fine dining and world-class entertainment experiences. You’ll be pleased to hear, these won’t break the bank either!

You’ll find house prices on average 85% cheaper than London childcare costs half the price of England’s capital and on average, everyday essentials are more affordable too – you’ll save around 10p every time you pop to the shop for a bottle of milk. Life doesn’t have to be expensive, to be great.

Newcastle upon Tyne has been named as one of the best second cities in the world thanks to Rough Guides, placing it amongst some of the most iconic cities on the planet with second-to-none culture, history and spirit… but without the price tag. Read our information below to get to grips with the cost-of-living considerations before making the move to Newcastle.

Rental costs in Newcastle upon Tyne

So how does rent in Newcastle compare to other cities? Let’s take a look at rent prices compared to Newcastle.

What are the avg. food, grocery and restaurant costs in Newcastle?

Newcastle is home to quality restaurants from fine dining to family feasts, serving great grub at even better prices. We have a buzzing community of local producers from artisan bakers and craft ale brewers to coffee producers and fish mongers.

If you want to keep your grocery shopping local, take a trip to Newcastle’s historic indoor market, the Grainger Market, home to hundreds of local producers and independent retailers housed in a spectacular Victorian setting.

To give you an overall idea of food, grocery and restaurant costs here is a quick roundup of some of the essentials.

How much does public transport cost?

Our city centre is compact and walkable, with an added bonus of electric Neuron scooters if you fancy zipping around from A to B with zero emissions! However, if you need to take public transport, our city is well-served with bus, metro and rail links enabling you to explore surrounding neighbourhoods with ease, and even whizz to our coast and countryside in less than 30 minutes.

Here is how Newcastle’s public transport costs compare to other major cities.

Whether you get around using Tyne and Wear Metro, the city's extensive bus network or prefer to travel by train, you'll find public transport in Newcastle an affordable option.

What are childcare costs like in Newcastle?

Family is everything and providing for them shouldn’t cost the Earth. Newcastle upon Tyne is a fantastic family destination, from our award-winning family attractions such as Life Science Centre, Seven Stories National Centre for Children’s Books and Ouseburn Farm, to our selection of Ofsted-rated Outstanding schools across the region.

Avg. annual international primary school costs

Whether you’re already a parent wanting to get back to work or just starting out on your family journey, having an idea of how much childcare costs in Newcastle is important. Take a look at the average annual international primary schools around the globe in comparison to Newcastle upon Tyne.


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